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Irish bull mistakes Mayo supermarket for China shop…

It was a quiet morning in Ballinrobe, County Mayo. The kids were at school and shopkeepers were getting ready for the day ahead. Birds were singing and a couple of nuns walked to the church. Farmers with tractors and trailers, jeeps and trucks were converging on the cattle mart. Suddenly a bull protested as he was being unloaded, broke loose from his handler and barrelled down the town. Bellowing and tossing his head, he put cars swerving and people screaming, he passed Tesco, the UK chain, decided to go local and turned into Cummins supermarket…

Supermarket owner John Cummins said: “He went straight through the shop, out into the store, had a good look about, turned around and went straight out again. I could not believe my eyes.”

The film footage below, put together from various CCTV camera’s in the store, shows the bull entering through the electrically operated double doors and racing to the rear store and – appropriately – a butcher trying to corral it with a shopping trolley. He got off side quickly when the bull turned and charged at him. Another camera showed the farmer who owned the bull – running into he store and then running out even faster when the beast decide to chase him.

One of the staff, Helen McDonnell said: “I could smell the bull and when he was charging out again I never moved so fast in my life.”

The bull was later recaptured and returned to the cattle market. We hear the beast was sold and there is speculation the chap will return to the supermarket in vacuum packed prime ribs. Bulls have weird karma…

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4 thoughts on “Irish bull mistakes Mayo supermarket for China shop…

  1. Margaret on said:

    Very enjoyable story to read. Informative and comical and a easy read. Love the way the writer put this story together.

  2. Vinny Browne on said:

    Thanks a lot for this, Eddie. It really helped with the post Cuirt blues. It highlights another reason why Alec Browne wasn’t a huge fan of the fair day…the town totally blocked up and shite everywhere…he was never too impressed with those automatic doors either…they played a central part in the drama …off to see bob d tomorrow..he has had only his second no. 1 album in 39 years…the last was new morning in 1970…It does sometimes seem possible that he will go on forever…will pass this around..

  3. It wasn’t a bull. Bulls are not marketed for beef but are kept for years to serve local cows. The animal shown is a little immature (about 1.5 year old) to be sold for slaughter.

    • eddiestack on said:

      Delighted to think the animal will have a few years making love in Mayo or where ever, rather than becoming hamburger meat for McDonalds or prime rib in some over priced gaff with a fancy name. As we said, Bulls have weird Karma…best of luck to the young beast.

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