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Biddy Early’s Magical Blue Bottle found on eBay

Regular readers of this blog will recall that Patrick Saint twittered the universe a few weeks ago, asking where was Biddy Early’s magical Blue Bottle. Glass_Bottles_BlueSadly, he received no response and we were beginning to think that all was lost as time went by. Our mind was on other things — hay, visitors, gigs, slugs in the garden. Then, out of the blue, as is the way with cosmic events, we received an email from America that perked us up. A fan of the blog relayed vital information to us: Biddy’s bottle was in the US! This fan — we’ll call her Ms. M — sent us the url of an eBay page which has the following heading:


Naturally we were intrigued and read that the eBay vendor was selling a magic ring for $500 which was described as:


Glistening Garnets and Citrines. Sterling Silver, size 8.

Fascinating! So we read further and learned:

The use of the Blue Bottle and Biddy Early’s participation in the procedure is thought to be a main ingredient in the spells! INCREDIBLE and obvious potency and is most likely the reason for the manifestations of Goddess’ Energy in visible form. If the winner of this auction is psychically sensitive, they too may experience such visual manifestations.

Wow! Then we discovered that Biddy’s one and only last descendant, a Ms. Irél Flannery has recently passed to ‘the otherside’. Apparently Irél was a great Irish Druidess, something we were not remotely aware of. Irél had the Blue Bottle and used it to cast numerous documented miracles, including the magic ring for sale on eBay. Then she died, and Biddy’s Blue Bottle came into the vendor’s possession.

Remains of Biddy Early's home, Feakle, Co. Clare

Remains of Biddy Early's home, Feakle, Co. Clare

We were flabbergasted. After all these years, after all the stories we’d heard as young lads, and all the theories about Biddy’s Bottle, all the chatter from folklorists, eccentrics and self-promoters, we’d located someone in California who has possession of the magical vessel: a lady named Anna Kikiandpops. She even had an extract from Meda Ryan’s Biddy Early book on her eBay page to show she was tuned in to the real deal. Another wow!

For Clare people, this knowledge is like learning the Fatima Secrets…Biddy’s Blue Bottle could unjinx many hexes. Just being aware of its existence alone would be a tremendous boost to the county’s hurlers…And of course any politician who had access to it could fix everything. Can’t you picture Taoiseach Brian Cowen and a few Clare stalwarts huddled around it in some dark back room…spells being cast, brandy lashed back? The recession would be over in a flash and we’d all be in clover. Again we’d have white vans zipping around on the wrong side of the road while drivers talked on cell phones. Auctioneers back on the hair gel and driving like Eddie Jordan, while builders would tear up our remaining green fields, making huge messes…speeding construction trucks driven by men with shaved heads and tattooed arms would haunt us…

We had nightmarish flashbacks of the Boom and decided no, Brian Cowen could not be privy to this info. We knew it had to be handled with the utmost care and so we passed it on the Patrick Saint via Twitter. Our allegience was to Gertie Gorm. In her capable hands, Biddy’s Blue Bottle could change the world for the better, or at the very least, Clare hurlers would win an All Ireland.

Biddy Early Country

Biddy Early Country

Patrick was upset when he called us. He was with Gertie at her cottage in Scroppal, East Clare and she was moaning in the background. He’d sent Ms. Kikiandpops an email on his yPhone asking if she had Biddy’s bottle. He got an instant responce:

Hello Paddy. Yes, we do have the Bottle. Eventually it will seek out a new owner, but not right now. If the Bottle is up for sale, it will be under very close scrutiny, and may not be public–I’m not sure how it will work, but it will be quite an event. Many Blessings Have a wonderful day. Anna Kikiandpops

“I’m afraid that Gertie is loosing it,” Patrick told us, “how are we going to get Anna Kikiandpops to sell us the bottle? And if she does decide to sell, how are we going to raise the money?”

We said that raising the money would be no hassle. A few concerts would bring in a good boodle of dosh…we could ask the Kilfenora and the Tulla Ceili bands to do a benefit in Cusack Park. Plus we’d have a few surprise guests…pull in a few favours…The Pogues would be ideal if they were around. Also, we might get Shannon Development involved, although that might be stretching it…the Clare Champion might sponsor the deal…And not to be outdone, the Clare People would come up with some scheme for us…like a treasure hunt or spot the ball. Maybe some Banner entrepreneur could set up a tour of the bottle around the county like the bishops did with St Theresa’s relics…Clare FM would want to be involved. Clare Heritage might be wary of us after the leprechaun story… An Arts Council grant could be applied for…like, they’ve funded a lot more cockeyed ideas. Really, the money was no problem.

“The main thing is,” we consoled, “Biddy’s Bottle has been located. It’s in Los Angeles. And surely Ms. Kikiandpops will sell if the price is right.”
We could hear Gertie sobbing ‘I want my bottle…I want my bottle.’ It was heart wrenching. So near and yet so far. But we were out of steam…we’d been to the Clancy Week in Miltown Malbay and before that, we’d had all the leprechaun stuff to deal with. We suggested Patrick sit tight.
“Maybe your reader’s could help,” he said desperately, “maybe Ms. Kikiandpops would be more inclined to deal with a third party…”
“Maybe,” we sighed, “we’ll mention it in the blog.”

We’re not sure if a great mystery has been solved or another one created. But woe to poor Kikiandpops if it’s a hoax, because Biddy would not like that sort of carry on done in her name. We note the following at the bottom of her web page:

Legal Stuff: Per the regulations: Paranormal objects are for entertainment purposes only. We cannot take responsibility for activity that may or may not occur in association with this item. Paranormal items are not dangerous but please handle with care and respect.

At last, here’s the link to Biddy Early’s long lost Blue Bottle: http://is.gd/1wiFU
(scroll half way down the page and mind your eyes…Ms. Kikiandpops has a spacey web designer ) And of course, Let the Bidder be aware.

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14 thoughts on “Biddy Early’s Magical Blue Bottle found on eBay

  1. John Fitzpatrick on said:

    There is a way to test if the bottle is genuine. My great-grandfather who lived near Feakle and who was well aware of Biddy’s activities told the family in secret that Biddy had had the bottle magnetized, so that she would always know it or if it had been stolen or switched. It also helped with some magic ‘effects’ as quicksilver behaved strangely around the bottle. So just sprinkle some iron filings on the bottle or wave it above them. If the filings move then it’s genuine. If not it’s a fake.

  2. I grew up in Feakle where stories of Biddy Early abound. When Biddy was on her death bed, the local priest would not give her the last rites of the church unless she turned over the bottle to him. This she did and the story goes that he threw the bottle into Kilbaron Lake, nearby.

  3. Biddy Early’s Blue bottle is not a joke. It was given to her son as a reward for helping some Fairy Folk (earth elementals not Tinkerbell Fairys) win in a game of Hurley. They thanked him and told him to take this to his mother. When he asked them what should he tell her they said she would know what to do with it. When he got home he gave the bottle to his mother. When she looked into it a mist grew in it and saw symbols and signs (she apparently swore a not too holy oath when she got it too). She had been a ‘wise woman’ (a type of folk healer/ prophet/fortune teller/keeper of occult wisdom kind of person before the bottle, but after she had extra ‘powers’ and even more help from the Fairy Folk (elementals – Tuatha de danaan)

    I don’t think you should make fun of it or try to make money either – its serious stuff, I would want to upset the Fairys they are not at all like Walt Disney’s stories. Take care and God bless.

  4. it’s a fake. The bottle is still in Co. Clare.

  5. Wow! This is a complete load of crap! There are still living relatives of Biddy Early. I am one of them and have documented proof. I have no idea who Anna Kikiandpops is but I do know she does not have the bottle. Another descendant of Biddy is in possesition of it. It is in the US. I will not reveal this persons name because I’m not sure they want it to be known. I assure you Anna Kikiandpops does not have it, its not still in Co.Clare, and its not in Kilbaron Lake.

    • Fion Finn on said:

      Are you certain Todd? The bottle was on loan from the “Other Crowd”.What is more likely is that they took it back.

    • Michelle Ramirez on said:

      Hi Tom,
      This is in regards to Biddy earlys bottle.
      I read a feed about it and Anna Kikipops. Did you ever find out if she has that bottle or if she just thinks she does? I was sold a ring that supposedly has magical powers. It was given to Irel when she was in desperate need of money. I just wanted to know if this story was the truth, do I really have Irel’s ring? Thank you and sorry to bother you

      • Michelle, from what we can gather, it’s very, very, very doubtful that Anna Kikipops has Biddy Early’s bottle.

        As regards the ring, if you bought it from Ms Kikipops, some of our readers might like to comment on it magical properties.

    • Hello there, I am a german author and as I am also a huge Irland fan I am fascinated by Biddy Early since I heard about her long ago. I would like to write a novel where Biddy has a role in. I would be tremendously happy if somebody would contact me who can tell me something about her or who would like to act in the story as somebody my heroine meets to find out something about Biddy. Please mail me at astrid@drachenmond.de Thank you!

  6. hello, I find this all so interesting. I am developing a healing tv show here in the states that will feature great healers around the world. I heard of Biddy from my father in law (of Ennis), although I thought he knew her so my dates are all off (was there another Biddy Early in co. Clare?) Are there any healers with a great reputation that someone could give me a tip about? I will be in Ireland come June. nyhealingpoints@gmail.com

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