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Stories from Ireland Podcast

stories Stories from Ireland is a podcast I’ve set up and I’ll be posting spoken word every few weeks. Limbo, the current story, is about going to school in Ireland + it’s 16 minutes long. First published in my collection of short fiction, The West, it was broadcast by the BBC as a play for voices + is included in the anthology Fiction in the Classroom.

This version is on a spoken word CD called Stories from Ireland which has musical accompaniment by Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill. More info here.

Stories from Ireland podcast is free + can be played on a computer or mp3 player. It’s available on itunes or you can subscribe via Feedburner by clicking here: Subscribe to Stories from Ireland Please share this link.

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3 thoughts on “Stories from Ireland Podcast

  1. Great idea! On this listen through, I thought Sarah Palin might like those Russian view essays ;^)

  2. John Fitzpatrick on said:

    Great recollection Eddie…not fiction at all…I was at three different ‘Christian’ brothers schools and there was a Brother Mahon squared in every one. Their sarcasm could cut to the bone every bit as much as their designer, leather covered, leaden straps. The best way to get them back is with veiled mockery….lovely job…

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