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iPhone app of Irish fiction, spoken word, music + art

Blake's Corner by Phillip Morrison

In the nature of full disclosure, this blog is about an iPhone app that I developed/produced, with the help of a meithel of talented people, all connected to County Clare. And in all fairness, if a Liscannor man could invent the first submarine, why couldn’t an Ennistymon man get the first iPhone app of Irish fiction, spoken word, music + art into orbit?

It happened like this: I decided to publish an edition of my book The West, which was out of print for several years. A new cover was in order so I contacted Phillip Morrison, an artist living and painting in North Clare. His scenes are from the home of the stories in the book and Blake’s Corner seemed an appropriate image for the cover. I sent the cover design to Alan Wherry, an old friend, for his feedback and somehow the idea of turning The West into an iPhone app formed in my head. Alan knew an Apple developer in Toronto and after a few emails across the Atlantic, we began working on it.

It was a simple idea: combine the stories in the book with spoken word I’d recorded a few years ago with music by Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill. Have artwork by Phillip throughout the book, notes on the stories and a song by Ron Kavana which was inspired by one of the tales, Time Passes. For two weeks I sat by the fire in Ballylara, laptop and wi-fi and boomeranged files between Ireland, San Francisco and Toronto. There were a lot of late nights, getting this and that right. It was intense work and a bit clandestine to be doing something so hi-tech from the smallest house in the parish. Not to mention a bit surreal. The livingroom began to look like a programmers den in Silicon Valley, coffee cups all over the floor, chocolate wrappers, stacks of dinner plates, Alabama 3 on the speakers.

So now The West is available as an iPhone app. It contains an ebook of seven short stories, 60 minutes of spoken word with music by Martin & Dennis; the song Memories by Ron Kavana and several great images by Phillip Morrison.

Check it out. Tell anyone you know who has an iPhone. Click the button!:


In a week or so, the new print edition of The West will be available. I’ll post direct links to the indie Irish bookstores who’re going to stock it as well as Amazon.

Beir búa.

All paintings above are by Phillip Morrison; see http://www.phillipmorrison.com

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5 thoughts on “iPhone app of Irish fiction, spoken word, music + art

  1. Lenny Larouch on said:

    Ferkin’ Brill Eddie; comhgrádeachais.

  2. pauline on said:

    Love the ref to John Philip Holland ! every success to you and all involved with this venture.

  3. wow! great app.. congrats

  4. Ellen D. Murphy on said:

    John Philip Holland! I was just singing Micho Russell’s song about him the other day … congrats on being the family techocrat, Eddie …

  5. Eddie, When you are in San Francisco next we would like to invite you to come by and address our group. Leslie

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