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Electric Picnic 7.30 Sat

Great set from Iarla O’Lionard + Afro Celt Sound System….kinda like Moving Hearts jamming in Mali. Threatening rain here…more people beginning to stagger and do strange shit… Red Cross lady told me their work is mostly young people who have ‘over indulged in drugs or and alcohol…it’s party time here and the vibe is raising by the notch as is the volume…still cool…

forgot to add earlier that Brian Deedy (?) did a great opening gig on Main Stage this morning. Great energy, sound etc. Also, last night Duke Special was great…

Wandering about here, it’s hard to believe that Ireland is in dire straits…and harder to fathom why we have the kinda government that we have, when you see all the alternative minded heads who are here…off now to catch Aindrias de Staic on the Love Letter stage…

more info http://www.bodyandsoulive.ie

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One thought on “Electric Picnic 7.30 Sat

  1. It must be a great experience seeing Iarla O’Lionard perform live, what a voice! As for your government, we’ll be glad to send Palin over to shake things up… no, really, you may have her!

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