a few words of a kind…

Electric Picnic: Sat 4.15pm

Amping up here…finding our way around after last night…best vibe and sound is in Body and Soul. And the coolest people. Best grub as well for the body and All sort of madness which is great for the soul. Last night Janelle Monae played a great gig…DOnal Dineen and friends kept us happy forever….Big gig at B&S tonight is Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill…trad at its very, very best…My son Aindrias de Staic is on Love Letter from 8 to 8.30pm…looking forward to seeing him…heard he had a great gig last night…all my 4 kids are here performing at some stage or other…we just had breakfast…late breakfast in Hurly Gurly…hope to update this blog later…then again, maybe I’ll go away with the fairies…

also check out http://www.bodyandsoulive.ie for podcast, videos, dj sets and loads of other good stuff….

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